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Everyone of us

is always striving for our own dreams

we turn out to get a drop of happiness in return

As our life is getting busier and busier

Even without considering the importance of the existence of life

Though we become wise

We are no longer innocent

Then where can I find my happiness

Think it over and over

I finally take everything out of my mind

With a backpack

Step into a world, seemingly strange but actually belong to us

Then I find……

No wonderful films here and no advanced HI-FI here

But colors fill my eyes and songs touch my heart

There are just

Facts without concealment

Freedom without constraint









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Rush out of the durance of thought

Goes all over China,many people have had this desire,however,with the lapse of time,we become more and more impetuous and busier,it slowly has faded from the memory. We work hard every day only for living and hide it in the deep heart waiting for one day when I become rich and free. When I am finally clear,perhaps this day never will arrive!As time passes quietly,we become older and older,and then we understand shortness of life. Unceasingly repetitive mode of life makes people gradually feel exhausted and numb into the deep confusion. Is this really the life that I want? Each night lying down on the sofa,I am reluctant to turn on the television,appreciating the unreal splendor. Actually in my heart,I am clear that this is not what I want!

I need one kind of wisdom which can extricate me!

Certainly,I must break through the imprisonment on thought,liberating myself from the besieged cage.

Although having never stopped studying and thanking,I must join the rotation gears of realities. Combining ability with interest,the idea of going out is much more intense. Ancient person said:“walks ten of thousands kilometers is inferior to read ten of thousands books”,it is better to become aware on the road than to be in chaos all day in the sofa.

Many questions are needed to be solved one by one:sell the car,sell something in cheap to get money,added with my savings,I resigned,planned the line,buy the camera and so on simultaneously.
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Starting off the journey finally! On the road,if I encounter with others,we made a group. I have taken varieties of transportation vehicle. My guiding principle is:Do not go to those famous scenic spots as far as possible,trying to go down to some rarely known places,excavating simple and the real life trivia,primitive and mysterious natural beautiful scenery.

Difficulties on roads can be imagined; all wonderful sceneries will become unusual in one to two months. Every day I must overcome the same tiredness and loneliness,but also has to confront with fear and the danger occasionally! Sometimes I could not found the lodging at night,without any choices,I had to insist. In order to alleviate burdens,the photographic appendix entirely must be sent back home,the cover and the irrelevant pages of the books bought on the road must be torn up first,throwing away after reading.

It takes me four hundred days to go all over twenty-seven provinces and four municipalities in China mainland. After the summary,I continued for 3 months in order to make up the missing photos in some places. Altogether traveling schedule is 500 days with 10,000 photos.

Those ordinary and happy,marvelous and inconceivable pictures accumulated day-by-day have constructed a long volume with amorous feelings of our sublime motherland unintentionally; this travel-worn journey time,the gorgeous humanities character and style,the collected picture story,every time I look,I will have different feeling and shock!

She already completely changed my original intention,again gives me the brand-new power and faith,I should let more people see what I record to see another aspect excluding the mainstream society ordinary values!


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Guangxi 1 Go through the Sino-Vietnamese border
1 《路漫漫,其修远》 —— 这是一条以军用为主的边境公路,弯曲盘延,伸向遥远的尽头,第一眼看到时,我不禁为它的险峻倒吸一口凉气!虽然它很美。“Long road, far from its repair”—— This is a border road mainly for military use. Tortuous and zigzagging,it extends to the distant end. When I first saw the road,I was touched by its beauty and marveled by its abruptness.

2 《边境公路》 安静的边境公路,险峻蜿蜒,人和车辆都很稀少。
Border road:The precipitous border road is quiet,Here people and vehicles are scarce.

《崇山峻岭》 我只能用崇山峻岭来形容它了,空气中迷漫着醉人的草香,顿觉耳聪目明。Steep mountains:I can only use this phrase to describe the mountains here. And in the air there is full of enchanting smell of grass,making me feel fresh and delightful!

4《感受阳光与空气的亲密》 虽然现在北方将近寒冬,但我们却可以在这里穿着 T恤感受阳光与空气的亲密。Enjoy the sunshine and touch the air:Although in the North it is almost in winter,people here can be wearing T-shirts,enjoying the beautiful sunshine and the warm air.

5《白云深处有人家》 白云深处有人家,一声犬吠,是远处亲切的问候!

Village in the forest:A bark of a dog is the cordial greetings from remote place.


After-working borders:More and more concentrated the flavor of the border.

Vietnamese girls:I joked with a Guangxi Hawker (little boy,only he can communicate with me) and said:“How blissful!So many beautiful women,why don’t you pick one as your wife?”while he said:“No,I won’t. ”

《虎蜘蛛》幸运的话,这些小女孩还是可以挣到一些外快的,这是她们捕来的虎蜘蛛(原名虎纹捕鸟蛛,其同等毒液量的毒强度是眼镜王蛇的二倍)!广西小贩收购 1.5元一个,内地有钱人的时尚宠物,传说在内地要卖 1000 元左右一只,价值不菲。Ornithoctonus huwena:Fortunately,these little girls could earn some extra money.For instance ,they sometimes catched tiger spiders (originly called Ornithoctonus huwena,the same amount of venom poisoning of a tiger spider is twice as strong as a Cobra’s)! Each tiger spider could be sold 1.5 yuan to acquisition of Guangxi hawkers,who then sold them to the mainland's rich people as fashion pets. It is said each of tiger spiders worthed 1000 yuan in the mainland.

《“抽烟”的蜥蜴》 越南小女孩的外快之二——蜥蜴,收购价 1 元 / 个,广西小贩习惯性的娱乐活动,将烟头塞进它的口中,一会儿蜥蜴遇热就脸红了。

Lizards was smoking Lizards can be another extra income cause. It is sold 1 yuan. Guangxi hawkers like playing with them by making them smoking. They become very happy when the lizards’faces turn to red.

10《 浦寨》边民在捡批发市场废弃的大蒜,老弱妇孺齐上阵,不得不感叹生活的艰辛……Puzhai Borders in the wholesale market were seized abandoned garlics. The elder,the vulnerable women and children were working together. What hard lives!

原帖地址: 背包客栈自助游论坛 https://www.bbkz.com/forum/showthread.php?t=141482#post1087753


17《中越边境的三轨铁路》 中越边境的三轨铁路 —— 我国的列车走外面两条,他们走里面,越南的列车小且很少,铁轨显得陈旧。Three-track railway in Sino-Vietnamese border Three-track railway in Sino-Vietnamese border——the outside two tracks are for our country’s trains while the inside two are for Vietnam’s. The trains of Vietnam are small and very few,and their tracks are narrow and outdated.

18《艳舞夕阳》 这里的夕阳下班都特别有创意,让人期盼她明天快来!The dancing sunset The sunset here is beautiful and special. The scene makes someone linger on it.

19 《关于阳光》 关于阳光,这就是我最喜欢的那种,它会带来你一天的好心情,又是出发!About sunshine This kind of sunshine is my favorite one,which can bring the good mood to everyone. Look,starting again!

20《路难行》这样的路我不想走!但不许掉头!Hard-going road This road makes me scared but I will never yield to it.

21《路难行》爬回到主路,不容易呀!好在出发之前装上了车前绞盘。Hard-going road After struggling,we backed to the main road,happy!

22《雨天》雨天的生意格外冷清,路边的果农看见了我们,也看见了希望。Rainy day The roadside hawkers smiled to us,wishing us to buy their products.

23《路难行》这里的路看上去很好,但要小心啊!Hard-going road This road looks ok,but be careful!

24《德天跨国大瀑布》去德天瀑布路上的归春河,对面是越南的学校,却没有朗朗的读书声,只见一面红旗在孤独地飘扬。此刻,静悄悄的越南农舍与中国的村庄共在同一空间里,不同时间的两个世界。Detian cross-border great fall On the way to Detian great fall,there is a place called Guichun river. Opposite it,there is one of the Vietnamese schools with its flag flapping in the wind.It is very quiet.

25《德天跨国大瀑布》 仙境般的山水,沙屯叠瀑。 Detian cross-border great fall The beautiful landscape!

26《德天跨国大瀑布》这是属于越南部分的德天跨国大瀑布,越南称其为板约瀑布。Detian cross-border great fall This part of fall belonging to Vietnam is called Banyue waterfall by Vietnams.

27 《德天跨国大瀑布》德天跨国大瀑布:位于大新县归春河上游,主体瀑布宽100米,纵深60米,落差70米,与越南的板约瀑布连为一体,瀑布总宽208米,是东南亚最大的天然瀑布,也是世界第二大跨国瀑布。
Detian cross-border great fall Located on the upstream of Guichun river in Daxin county. The whole waterfall is 100 meters broad and 60 meters depth with 70 meters fall. Together with the Vietnam Banyue waterfall as a whole,it will be 208 meters broad,which is the biggest natural waterfall in Asia and the second one in the world.

28《 天狮之吻》 低头忙碌的农民,显然不会同我一样感受这里的美景。或许,他们更关心的,就是来年能有一个好收成!Detian cross-border great fall Tiens’kiss. We are appreciating the scenery here. Maybe,what they care about is just good harvest next year.

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29《金色时光》我似乎已经忘记了,自己的童年是否有如他们一样,但这些孩子们的快乐我依然感同身受。Golden time I seem to have forgotten whether I was as happy as these children,but today I would like to share happiness with them.

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(广西二)走进桂西北 Guangxi 2 Visit the northwest of Guangxi
1《 恩城》位于利江下游恩城地段,河流纵横,曲径通幽;犹如陶渊明笔下之桃花源。Encheng city: Encheng city is located in the downstream of Lijiang river. With the crossing rivers and quiet paths,this place looks like the Taohuayuan,the ideal place described in the article of Taoyuanming,a poet of eastern jin dynasty.

2 《石桥》 青翠的山水间,石桥的点缀,在柔美的风景里增添了几分硬朗,使整个画面刚柔并济,和谐完美!
Stone bridge:The stone bridge is tough,adding to the beautiful landscapes of mountains
and rivers. The whole scenery is harmonious and picturesque.

3 《路上加油》路上没有正规的加油站,小店里7块钱一瓶(一升以下,内地4块左右)的无标号汽油,随便你加不加,老板格外从容。Refill the car on the way:There was no normal gas station on the way. We must buy the oil in the store. A bottle of no grade gasoline charged 7 yuan,while the same amount just charged 4 yuan in the mainland. To buy or not depends on yourself,the boss will never try to persuade someone to buy his product.

4《晨雾家园》 在清晨的阳光下,晨雾慢慢褪去,村庄从睡梦中渐渐苏醒过来。
The village under the fog:When dawn merges into day,the fog is becoming thinner and thinner. The village is becoming active.

5《明仕田园》明仕田园为国家一级景点,方圆20平方公里,明仕河曲折盘旋,沿河两岸层峦阵列,尤其明仕桥一带,翠竹绕岸,独木桥横,风光俊朗清逸,极富南国田园气色。Ming-shi countryside:As the state first-class tourists ppot,Ming-shi countryside covers an area of 20 square meters. Mings-shi river is winding and tortuous,along it the scenery is enchanting. The rolling mountains,the green bamboos,the embellishments of farmhouses and the Single-plank bridge,all these sceneries add to the beauty of this place.

Simeng countryside:This place is not very famous,but I was marveled by its broad and magnificent pastoral pattern.

7《探寻吞力黑衣壮山寨》翻山越岭,穿过这个山门,吞力黑衣壮山寨就到了。吞力屯位于那坡县城北部山区,距县城14公里。黑衣壮人全身黑衣,至今仍居住在一种很古老的典型的干栏建筑里,可以坐在黑瓦木楼下,静静地聆听虫鸣鸟叫,享受山风的吹拂。Seeking the Tunliheiyizhuang shanzhai:Climbed over the mountains and went through the gate,we got to the Tunliheiyizhuang shanzhai. Located in the north of Napo County,Tunli Tuen is 14 kilometers far from that county. Always wearing the black clothes,the citizens here still live in the ancient buildings. They always sit in the house covered by the black tiles,listening to the insects and enjoying the wind.


Propaganda on the walls of township house resident:“Plan immunization,protect children’s health”,“TB control,to benefit the people”,“Do ligation after second child birth”,“To produce children while a birth
certificate on hand”.

9《山寨里的妇女》Women in the mountain villiage

10《黑衣壮少女》 漂亮的小女孩看我的眼神里,或许在思考我们的不同.
A Zhuang girl in black The beautiful girl was staring at me;I thought she was thinking about the differences between us.


Dancing to music Seeing the local people dancing,I could not help joining them!


Simple and original kitchen:This caldron has a lot of functions, cook meals for people and prepare food for pigs.


The stars’photos:The middle hall of the living room was always serious place for worshiping their ancestors. But now it is pasted by some stars’ photos. May be we can say modern civilization is gradually finding its way to this ancient village.

Children in the mountain villiagei Children here do not always wear black clothes any more.

Carrying a baby The woman carrying her children passed me. Suddenly,I missed my mother very much.

18《静》如此的安静!就连微风都屏住了气息!Peace Here is so quiet,I only heard the voice of the wind.


The roadside port stall The butcher is busy with cutting the port.


Expecting The small business is hard to do although it just brings very little profit. Look at him,you know how hard it is!


Three heavy smokers Actually,the driver is another heavy smoker,but at present he is busy with driving. Or there should be four.
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22《真的有小孩》有很多路人烟稀少,对路边的警示大多不太在意“。真的有小孩!”这是司机突然冒出来的一句话。“Oh,children!” Here are so few people;when saw children running along the road, the driver and I were so surprised.

The roadside store The roadside signboards look like the big flags. They are used to attract customers.

24《万峰湖》我国五大人工淡水湖泊之一的万峰湖,地处滇、黔、桂三省交界处,是一块具有丰富生物多样性的宝贵湿地。地处低热河谷,雨量充沛,气温较高,各种植物四季常绿,各类湿地动物姿态万千。万峰湖风景最美的地方是“一眼望三省”的三江口,碧光映青山,湖水清澈见底,风景如画。我拍照的习惯是碰到啥就拍啥,不等!但这是我等候拍摄的。当!当!当!闪亮登场!Wanfeng Lake Following through Yunnnan,Guizhou and Guangxi provinces,Wanfeng Lake is one of the five biggest artificial lakes in China. It is a wetland with biological diversity. Due to its geography,here is full of rainy days with relatively high temperature. Here you can see evergreen plants and different kinds of Wetlands animals. The most beautiful scenic spot is Sanjingkou,where people can see the views of the three provinces. I took a long time to take this photo. It is beautiful,isn’t it?Picturesque scenery with green hills reflecting on blue water.

Baise,Guangxi province In the past,Baise was an old revolutionary base. Now it has got rid of its backwardness and gradually developed into a modern city.

26《匆忙的午餐》每个人都在忙,一碗米粉,一顿午餐,这就是生活!The simple lunch Endless work,a bowl of rice noodles,a simple lunch compose of their life.


I can understand On the entrance of the police station,there was a sentence“don’t waste your time on an unworthy woman. ” I don’t know who wrote it but I can understand it very much. I remember Zhang Ailing (a writer of china) once said,“there is no perfect love in the world. ”

28《极限运载的摩托车》Overloaded motorcycle

29《还是国车有力量》甘蔗是广西的主要农产品,现在正是丰收的季节,农民将甘蔗运往糖厂。Powerful truck Sugarcane is the major agricultural product in Guangxi province. In the harvest season,formers transport their sugarcanes to the sugar factory.

30《最具有中国特色的微笑》我民警直奔路中间,拦下急驰的摩托。那哥们儿很是不爽。待反应过来,才露出“具有中国特色的微笑”。The smile with Chinese characteristic The driver of a motorcycle was angry when the policeman stopped him. But suddenly he showed an ingratiating smile for fearing that the police would fine him.

A free ride Because of the inconvenient transportation,people went back home always needed to hitch a ride. When a truck stopped,lots of people went towards it and wanted to take a ride.


Dangerous The driver of a motorcycle almost fell into the river because of the broken bridge.


On the way to market I was trying not to disturb the sisters. But in vain!


Blessed eggs Eggs that are dyed red can be gifts for others.

The homemade signs The kind people use red plastic bags as signs. These signs remind people to be careful. Thanks!


Selling the piglets The piglets were naughty. So farmers kept them in bamboo cages.

39《 回家的路》生活对当地的妇女来说是尤为沉重的。在我们看来比较廉价的公共汽车票,显然比她们背负的还要沉重。

Going back home Life is so difficult for local women. They cannot afford a bus ticket even if it is so cheap.

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The leisure men of Yao minority The men on the market were very leisure. They just help do the work,which women could not complete by themselves. While most of the work women could handle with by themselves. I was surprised with this phenomenal and asked the women. To my surprise again,they just smiled and said,“they have something more
important to do!”I felt pity to them. But at the same time I admired them very much.


Water pipe In Guangxi province,so many people are the pumping smokers.


How to make a decision Wandering around the port stall,they didn’t know whether to buy or not. Meat for them is a kind of luxuries.


Two old men These two men were in fine condition both physically and mentally.


Daily necessities Most of the people’s goods are cheap and just for daily use.

46《拐不完的盘山路》The zigzagging roads


The roadside Tiankeng in Baise region Leye county,Zhuang nationality Autonomous region,Guangxi province,there are many Tiankeng groups also named Karst funnelshaped groups. Actually,they are rare natural wonders in the world. The Tiankeng group with more than 20 small Tiankengs in the above photo is the biggest one among the everfound ones. They are very common in this area.

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